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The search for the one of a kind lady to be my wife led me to Cambodia. This is a place of rich history and ladies that are not part of the main stream tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Because of that most of the girls here have never been a girlfriend of a western man.

I have found my time in Cambodia so relaxing it was hard to leave and go back to the states where the women are overweight and always seem to be irritated about something. Here in Cambodia, the ladies are truly ladies and bad moods are not shown. They are also smaller in both height and in weight than what I am use to seeing back home. Just like the ladies to the west in Thailand, the women in Cambodia have a shy and quite nature about them.

I really enjoy the kindness and generous nature of the lady I was lucky to find here when she interacts with me. When I am with my Cambodian girlfriend, I am the happiest man on earth. I wish I would have found this place years ago instead of the loneliness I found back home with those demanding females that do not appreciate a hard working man.

When I first went to Cambodia I found the travel information on where to stay and places to get a bite to eat or a drink in the Travel and Dating Guide to Cambodia very helpful. This brochure was filled with information about the local scene in Sihanoukville, how to get there along with meeting local women. This way I could relax and entertain the lady that took my heart away.

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