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Just off the coast of Asia are the islands of the Philippines where the native girls can be best described as the beautiful Filipina. The ladies that live there are much different than others found in the world, especially from western nations like America and the United Kingdom. This includes both their physical appearance and their attitude towards their partners.

The ladies in the Philippines have ancestral roots into the Malay and Chinese cultures. Because of this they are generally smaller than most other females in the world with a height on average of five and half feet. Their skin tone varies from a deep rich tan to snow white with the eyes being round to almond shaped. Most of the ladies in the Philippines are also less than 100 lbs that comes naturally by their diet of vegetables, fish and rice.

The attitude of the Filipina is what attracts most western men to them. The Philippines is mainly Catholic nation with no divorce allowed in their laws. Because of that legal structure, Filipinas are use to finding and staying with their husbands for life. This is a contributing reason why they are loyal almost to a fault.

When a Filipina is the wife of a western man, he can expect her to always wanting to be by his side and care for him. This includes the tradition of cutting their husbands food up so it can be eaten easier once it is on the man’s plate. Many men from other countries like this pampering and has been described it like living as a king.

When it comes to please their man, the Filipina wife does not stop when the bedroom door closes, their desire to please their man continues. If this sound like an opportunity you would like to know more about then it is advisable to download the Travel and Dating Guide to the Philippines to assist you on this journey to happiness.

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