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The search for my Colombian girlfriend really began when I decided to try an online dating service. This seemed to be the best path since the other routes tended to have ladies of dubious character. By going in this direction I could get a Colombian girlfriend.

I looked around the internet and found the site, had the most to offer. I determined this after looking at the number of ladies that were members and just what they placed in their profiles. The vast majority of the Latina women on that site were looking for a lifelong partner to begin a family with.

To help keep my search simple I decided to limit the number or Colombian women I would have interaction with. By only sending out emails to 3 ladies, I would not get them mixed up. I am glad I did this since each one of the ladies I wrote to responded and want to spend time talking to me.

In time I replaced 2 of the original ladies with others that were more compatible with my goals and needs of a wife. After months of long conversations at night by video calls, I finally decided to go meet these ladies. I am glad I had 2 weeks of vacation set aside because spending time with 3 different ladies could not occur in a short span of time.

I decided 4 days apiece was fair and should be sufficient time to actually get to know each of the ladies I lined up to meet. Each one of them was excited that I was traveling to meet them and the arrangements were made. As part of my plan I booked 3 different rooms in separate hotels so there was no chance the ladies I was going to meet might discover there were others on my list.

The day is fast approaching for my departure, and I cannot seem to get this life changing event out of my mind. One thing is for sure, I am so glad I decided to find my future wife with this online dating service.

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