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For those men that might want help finding the perfect Filipina girlfriend for them, there is a way. Do just what I did, use the Internet to help search for that special girl even when I was half a world away.

By using the site I was able to look at many different profiles to see what girls appealed to me along with an outline of their personalities. Once I narrowed down my selection I then sent messages to several girls in the islands.

By taking this approach instead of just showing up like I did when I was a sailor in the Navy, I had better luck in selecting the lady that I was attracted too and could get along with. From earlier experiences, just showing up and not knowing any girls, left the selection up to those in the islands that have experience in looking for a western man.

Once contact was made, the use of Skype was invaluable. Yes reading a profile and looking at pictures is the only way to start, but it is only just a start. By actually talking to several girls there, a better picture of the scene and just what they are looking for was possible.

When taking this approach, one of the first questions from nearly every girl was when do you plan to visit the islands? Be ready for this and be honest. You should also make some type of plans to visit, but that should be at least 6 months in the future.

I personally made a selection after a few weeks and decided to only engage with one girl long term before my visit. In the beginning by talking to several, the stories they told were very similar and when one found out I was talking to others, her jealousy was instant and fierce. You are warned.

Of course the choice is yours to make, just take precautions if you plan to visit more than one girl in a single trip that they do not find out about each other.

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