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My search in finding my Dominican girlfriend, I could either travel there and not know anyone or search the internet before I venture to this Caribbean island. In my search for a suitable online dating site I came across I liked this site because of its focus on the ladies of the Dominican Republic.

Searching the site after I became a free member I hoped to find the Latina woman that would become my Dominican girlfriend. The female membership was large enough that I had no problem in finding ladies I wanted to correspond with. My biggest problem was that so many beautiful ladies there I could not possibly contact them all.

That decision to limit the number of prospective girlfriends was a good move since all but one of the ladies I sent a message too responded within the next 2 days. I then had to sift through the 15 responses and organize them by how they answered the few questions I sent.

I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed with the number of positive responses from the Dominican ladies I contacted. I realized I had to be more selective in the decision making process to narrow the number of girls I could realistically interact with. This problem of have too many women interested in me as a mate was something g I was not use to. Living in America where most of the women are so materialistic the selection is vast, but their selfishness was too much. That is when I decided to look elsewhere. I am so glad I did.

I like my new problem of having too narrowing down the number of ladies I want to meet when I travel to the Dominican Republic for my vacation. By only meeting a few, I would be presenting myself as a proper suitor family would welcome.

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